Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to replace our current web site?

Not at all. You can use the tools in Marina42 to build pages and sections that you do not currently have on your web site - like an easily emailed newsletter - or just want more control of. Simply build the pages you want and have whoever controls your current site build navbar links to those pages - and links from the page you create back to your current site. (Don’t forget to note the look on your web services person’s face as you explain that you will be able to build your oen site pages!)

I currently have a web site. Do I need to register a new web domain?

No, you don't have to do that. When you are satisfied with your new Marina42 web site, you can switch your current domain name so that it uses your Marina42 web site. We can assist you in changing this if you'd like. Your customers would not notice that you've moved. They'd just see your web site change overnight.

And you don't have to move your entire web presence to Marina42 if you don't want to. If you really like your current home page, you can keep it and link into various pages you build with Marina42. And it's easy to have the "home" link on your Marina42 pages direct people back to your existing home page. The plus side of moving your current web domain to Marina42 is that you would no longer need to pay your existing hosting company.

Marina42 can host your e-mail.

We can provide answers to more specific questions if you'd like. We designed Marina42 to be very flexible in these regards. If you want us to handle switching your current domain name to use your Marina42 web site, we would likely need to have temporary access to the domain control panel for your current site. This can be provided by your web hosting service.

You will retain ownership of your domain name.

Why can I upload more than one image if only one shows on the Home Page?

You can have your Home Page picture be the same all the time by uploading only one image for the Home Page. However, if you upload more than one, Marina42 will randomly choose one of the images you’ve uploaded for the Home Page for display each time it is loaded in somebody’s browser window, giving your Home Page a dynamic quality. Uploading new images from time to time is a good way to keep your site “fresh” and invite repeat visitors.

How do I upload my logo?

To upload your logo, follow these steps:

  • Click on the look and feel icon on the Control Panel.
  • Click on the build your masthead link.
  • Click on the camera icon.
  • Browse your computer for the image file of your logo and open it.
  • This should put the name of this file (and it’s location) in the field to the left of the browse button.
  • Click the upload image button.

How will I know when someone unsubscribes to our online newsletter?

If you want, you can have Marina42 e-mail you any time someone subscribes to your newsletter, signs your guestbook, requests a service appointment, etc. So, in fact, having Marina42 notify you of new newsletter subscribers is only one of many ways Marina42 can expedite the process of forming relationships with prospects.

To tell Marina42 to e-mail you when someone subscribes, go to the Preferences panel, scroll down to the Newsletter section and enter an address in the email address to notify upon unsubscription box.

Can we still use our YachtWorld.com or BoatTrader.com listings on our new site?

Yes. Marina42 is designed to help build sites that sell your company and your products. A new Marina42 site is a great way to enhance your web presence. If you wish to link to your other boat listing pages, simply go to the navbar page in the Links tools.

  • Click the add link button and then name your link to your listing page.
  • Enter the name for your new link in the link text (name) box.
  • Open a new browser window and open the listings page you want the new link to navigate to.
  • Copy the entire page address (URL) from the address bar at the top of the page.
  • Paste this URL into the link URL box.
  • Enter a description for this link in the mouse over text box.
  • Choose yes for publicly viewable if you are ready for this link to be live.
  • Choose yes for open in new window. This will ensure that your site visitors will still have your site pages open when they exit the listing page.
  • Click add.
  • NOTE: If you are not going to use the Marina42 Brokerage Listings or New Yacht Listings pages,
  • click on their names in the Navbar Links panel and change them to no-hide. Then click update.
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