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47th Annual Dauphin Island Race

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sailors hang on for ride Brisk wind taxes equipment, abilities while producing quick Dauphin Island Race

Sunday, April 24, 2005
Outdoors Editor

Sailing on Saturday was not for the faint of heart. A nasty north wind churned the chocolate-colored waters of Mobile Bay into a milkshake froth, stressing the equipment and resolve of the 200-plus vessels participating in the 47th annual Dauphin Island Race.

With the wind to their sterns, the big boats unfurled their spinnakers at the starting line and kept them full the entire 17 miles to Dauphin Island.

Even a bobble at the starting line couldn't keep Fuzzy Lojic and skipper Stanton Murray from crossing the finishing line first. When the crew set the spinnaker, the gusting wind sent the boat into a near horizontal plow, dragging sails through the water and sending the crew climbing up the starboard rail for ballast before Murray was able to right the ship.

Once Murray had the boat under control, it became a runaway. The J125 boat traversed the course in one hour, 27 minutes.

"I talked to some of their crew and they said their gauge hit 18 knots a couple of times," said Tom Batty, race chairman from the host Mobile Yacht Club. "They even took a knockdown at the start, so it was a pretty exciting start.

"I don't know if this was the fastest race, but it had to be close. I can't ever remember all of the boats making it across the finish line before 2 p.m. I know the wind was as low as 18 knots and as high as 26 knots."

Batty said there were some equipment failures during the event.

"A number of boats with spinnakers shredded their chutes," he said. "So the sailmakers in the area will be really happy.

"And we've got a bunch of excited people down here at the island. As far as we know, nobody was injured, so it was a good race."

The race for second turned out to be something special, according to Batty.

"The crews on both boats said it was one of the most fun races they'd ever been in," he said. "They were racing so close together. They carried the spinnakers from start to finish. And it was a dead heat to the finish."

For Greg Smith, that second-place race was all in the racing family. Smith owns both boats -- White Trash and Fine Line, identical 40-foot Olsons.

Smith was at the helm of White Trash, while Ellis Ollinger III had the wheel on Fine Line.

"That's probably the fastest race I've ever been in," Ollinger said. "These were unusual conditions. I saw the knot meter hit 15.2 several times. There were some super boat-to-boat races. For Greg and me, it was like (NASCAR's) Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. They beat us by a boat length."

Just because Smith owned the boat, Ollinger said he didn't cut him any slack.

"We take the gloves off when it comes to sailing," Ollinger said.

Smith added, "Same boats and 12 competitive people on each boat, no one lets anyone win."

Smith said he's sailed the Dauphin Island Race since 1960, when he was an 8-year-old.

"I've only missed a couple," he said. "It was a very fast race. Probably the fastest for big boats. It's fun to get down here fast. I've been working to get the boats even, and this was our most competitive race.

"But we worked hard. When you're going downwind, people think the wind is just pushing you. It doesn't seem like you can do a lot, it's the little things that add up.

"And we sailed faster because we had another boat to race against. I think we changed leads about four times. We were sailing right on the edge of out of control."

Smith said a good many boats adhered to the principle that discretion is the better part of valor.

"There's not that many boats at the island," he said. "It looks to me, a certain number of boats used good judgment and didn't go. It didn't blow enough to cause major problems as far as I can see. But the carnage doesn't get down to the island."

Ollinger, meanwhile, said he was impressed by Fuzzy Lojic.

"That was pretty amazing in these conditions," Ollinger said. "When you have a knockdown like that, you can recover because the keel weighs more. You can straighten it up, but you lose time laying over in the water.

"Obviously, his boat was perfect for these conditions."

2005 Dauphin Island Race Photos

The top finishers in Saturday's 47th annual Dauphin Island Race:
PHRF Spinnaker Class A
-- 1. Stanton Murray, "Fuzzy Lojic" Southern Yacht Club
-- 2. Greg Smith White Trash, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Ellis Ollinger Fine Line, Fairhope Yacht Club

PHRF Spinnaker Class B
-- 1. Jim Foster?cket Rocket, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 2. James Chapman?appie, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Prince Turner?briel, Buccaneer Yacht Club

PHRF Spinnaker Class C
-- 1. Rusty Noonan?ixotic, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. Billy Stein?t A. Peach, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 3. A. Owen Drey, III?bush, Fairhope Yacht Club

PHRF Spinnaker Class D
-- 1. Charles Hayes?rcarole, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. Monty Willis?x Bits, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 3. Charles Johnson?gic, Fairhope Yacht Club

PHRF Spinnaker Class E
-- 1. Bill Culberson?lly II, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 2. David Clarkson?ack Finn, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Robert Weaver?ass Act

PHRF Spinnaker Class F
-- 1. Gordon Trowbridge?ow Motion, Buccaneer YC

PHRF Spinnaker Class G
-- 1. J Frank Burgett?iquita
-- 2. George Kemnade?ngo Too, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 3. Charlton Dunnam?t Saturday, Buccaneer YC

PHRF Spinnaker Class H
-- 1. Doyle Payne?ve Dancer, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. Eric Esbensen?gasus, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 3. Percy Perkins?sy Rider, Fairhope Yacht Club

PHRF Spinnaker Class I
-- 1. Don Brennan?nk'd, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 2. Peter Grayson?O Special, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 3. John F Ballard?nally, Mobile Yacht Club

PHRF Spinnaker Class J
-- 1. Lee Creekmore?l, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. Charlie Livaudais?urch Lady, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Bernard Moseby?ack Magic, Mobile Yacht Club

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class A
-- 1. Steve Zito?winder, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. Dick Dixon? Express
-- 3. Andrew Johnson?ctor V, Fairhope Yacht Club

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class B
-- 1. Hank Jordan?cond Wind, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 2. Steven Adams?ez Nous, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Larry L Roberts?issez Faire I

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class C
-- 1. Fred Chadsey?otic, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 2. Dan Herzog?w Wake, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Bill Case?calibur, Mobile Yacht Club

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class D
-- 1. Roy Daniel?ogun, Mobile Yacht Club

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class E
-- 1. Dennis Hawkins?rate, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 2. Jack Ardrey?psy Wind
-- 3. John Riser?aos, Fairhope Yacht Club

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class F
-- 1. Brad Brightman?cky Star, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 2. Matt Taylor?lculated Risk

PHRF Non-Spinnaker Class G
-- 1. Jeff Comer?litaire, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 2. Brad Lawrence?rora, Buccaneer Yacht Club

Portsmouth Spinnaker Class A
-- 1. David Bergeson?ueadept
-- 2. Bill Breeden?yhawk, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 3. Ron Kent?pilion

Portsmouth Spinnaker Class B
-- 1. George Weiss?ntasy II, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 2. Buzzy Riis?vavit, Fairhope Yacht Club

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class A
-- 1. Ed Cornell?ght O'Mobile, Fairhope Yacht Club
-- 2. Norbert Long?n Ur Buns, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 3. Glenn Esses?terial Motive, Mobile Yacht Club

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class B
-- 1. Paul E Turner?ras Smile
-- 2. Keith Kuhlman
-- 3. Tynes Stringfellow? Jo Lee

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class C
-- 1. Clark Castleberry?u Hana
-- 2. Scott Godbold?nd Nuts, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 3. Kenny Godbold?n Traveler, Mobile Yacht Club

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class D
-- 1. Marc Gibson?. Somewhere, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. R Wallace Killcreas?ptide, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 3. James Edgerly?cape

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class E
-- 1. Eddie Adams?rce
-- 2. Robert Hasewinkle?et II
-- 3. John Haynes?nny Beth

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class F
-- 1. Kevin Fagan?prieve
-- 2. Mike Hammer?prit de Corps, Buccaneer YC
-- 3. Dennis C Furey?nnie's Do'n

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class G
-- 1. Ronald L Mann?an Streak
-- 2. Ben Walls?ss Mimosa, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 3. William Garretson?rrielyn

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class H
-- 1. Larry Chapman?eet Little Sh
-- 2. Dennis Erdelen?nd Blown
-- 3. Bob Gruener?radise

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class I
-- 1. John D Baumhauer?iny Day, Mobile Yacht Club
-- 2. Mike McCracken?nderave, Buccaneer Yacht Club
-- 3. John Henderson?gniappe, Fairhope Yacht Club

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class J
-- 1. Bruce & Betsy Byrd?w Day
-- 2. Kenneth Rollins?Karma III
-- 3. Pat Baroco?lerie B, Fairhope Yacht Club

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class K
-- 1. Leroy P. Clark?mewind
-- 2. Clay Cassions?ss LiLi
-- 3. Jim Farish? & Their Buoy, Mobile Yacht Club

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class L
-- 1. Paul Hodgson?ow Escape
-- 2. Brandon Wingard?n Ticket

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class M
-- 1. Zack Lawson?incess Jules
-- 2. Shane Wallace?ght Moves
-- 3. Stephen R Snypes?dy 5

Portsmouth Non-Spinnaker Class N
-- 1. David Altom?renity
-- 2. Daryl Haskew?irhope Yacht Club
-- 3. Mack Williams?Gi, Fairhope Yacht Club

Multihull Spinnaker Class A
-- 1. Christopher Walker?ooter
-- 2. Bill Fishburne?bile Yacht Club

Multihull Non-Spinnaker Class A -- 1. Mark Ederer?ccaneer Yacht Club
-- 2. Duly H Chaltain?A
-- 3. Jeremiah Matthe?

Multihull Non-Spinnaker Class B -- 1. Shane Gaston
-- 2. Jason Harrison?tchpole
-- 3. Richard Malkoskie
One Design Class A Fish -- No boats finished in this class.

2005 Dauphin Island Race Photos