A New, Easy-To-Use Web Site Building Tool Is Helping Boat Dealers Take Advantage Of Online Marketing Opportunities

Boat dealers across the U.S. and Canada are using the online tools of a new service to build useful, interactive web sites to reach customers and prospects. No longer are dealers limited to using online boat sales listings as their web sites or paying thousands of dollars to web design firms to create a new site.

"We used to send the information to a web guy and wait a week or two to make the updates to our site." says Stanton Murray of Murray Yacht Sales in New Orleans. "Now we can do it ourselves in a few minutes."

Create and revise web site pages as easily as sending e-mail. You are in complete control!

Since 90% of today's boat buyers are researching products online before making a purchase, a hard-working web site is critical for success.

Don't kid yourself...boat buying prospects are looking for you on the internet. If they aren't finding the information they need or can't find you on the web, just one mouse click will carry them to your competitor's web site. With Marina42.net, you can maintain a web site that will begin building a trust relationship with prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"This so easy! Why isn't everyone doing this?" asked Paul Rosen of Annapolis Yacht Sales after building his entire web site in just a few hours.

If you've been meaning to get your web site built or if you are tired of not being able to control your web site content, Marina42.net is the web-building service you've been waiting for.

Ready to come aboard?

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